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Bridge to the Beach Initiative Area Redevelopment Plan

Executive Summary

Purpose of the Plan

The Bridge to the Beach Redevelopment Plan seeks to create a revitalization plan for Hilton Head Island's first resort, business, and recreational area. This redevelopment plan will be a blueprint for the redevelopment process of the Bridge to the Beach area, and will serve as a mechanism to allow and encourage positive urban design and planning as new development and redevelopment is warranted.

Much of the existing development in the Bridge to the Beach area was constructed before Town ordinances were enacted and does not conform to standard planning practice or laws of today. Some properties have structures that are slowly deteriorating and do not meet current building, flood and fire codes. Many of the buildings are not flood protected, and much of the area is not planned to accommodate logical vehicular or pedestrian connections between land uses. Safe circulation between land uses is important, and some areas hinder pedestrian and bicycle travel because of planning and design deficiencies in the overall transportation systems.

The Town has identified the need to create a long-range vision with planning and design guidelines to preserve and improve the significant economic viability and unique character of this area. This plan will give guidance to the creation of badly needed public improvements and strengthen the viability of private investment as it improves the quality of life for everyone. The need for development and redevelopment in the area is inevitable, and new, innovative and sustainable solutions are necessary to coordinate this development in a manner that improves the health, safety, and welfare of future generations of residents and visitors who live, work and play here.

Even though this plan gives guidance to recommended public improvements and LMO amendments, it does not seek to prioritize them. As described in the following Appendix, a Conceptual Master Plan is recommended for completion after adoption of this plan. During this later stage of the planning process, the public improvements and LMO amendments mentioned in this document will be fine-tuned as to scope and content and prioritization will take place at that time.

The Visioning Process for the "Bridge to Beach" Area

There are two immense natural resources at either end of the beach and the creek (Broad Creek). The opportunity to work with, enhance and connect these two is a marvelous challenge that, if done right, will continue to set Hilton Head Island apart as a great place to live, work and visit.--(Excerpt from 1999 charette plan)

Bridge to Beach Area Vision

  • The Bridge to the Beach Steering Committee recommended the following visions:
  • To Create an Improved and Expanded System of Community Parks and Open Spaces, Including Additional Beach Access.
  • To Create More and Safer Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities (that logically connect land uses and create pedestrian-friendly areas throughout).
  • To Allow and Encourage High Quality Urban Design and Cooperation Between Land Uses, Common Needs, and Utilization Requirements.
  • To Create an Improved Public Realm (landscaping, sidewalks, crosswalks, signage and lighting).
    " To Create Improved and Visually Desirable Circulation for Automobiles, Pedestrians and Bicycles Throughout the Area.
  • To Protect Natural Resources and Improve Wildlife and Human Habitat Where Possible.
  • To Create Architectural Guidelines, Clear Flood Guidelines, Contiguous Drainage Solutions, Transit Studies, and New Urban Zoning Regulations that Allow All of These Improvements to Happen for the Highest Possible Benefit to the Community at Large.

Please contact Shawn Colin, Deputy Director of Community Development email icon at (843) 341-4696 for more information.