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Chaplin Initiative Area Redevelopment Plan

Executive Summary


The purpose of the Chaplin Initiative Area Plan is to develop land use provisions with associated density and determine infrastructure services needed to accomplish the goals and needs for this area of Hilton Head Island. The scope of this plan is therefore focused on land use, density, and infrastructure since many of the components of development were otherwise detailed in the Ward One Master Plan adopted in 1999.

As an addendum to the Comprehensive Plan, this plan culminates the planning efforts of the Ward One Master Land Use Plan. The Ward One Plan replaced much of the Community Mixed Use (CMU) zoning district throughout the Ward One area, while setting aside the defined Chaplin Initiative Area, including its portion of the CMU zoning district, for further study.

The Chaplin Neighborhood

Generally described, the Chaplin Initiative Area is located at the center of the Island, fronting on both the Atlantic Ocean and the headwater marshes of the Broad Creek. The neighborhood of Chaplin is situated immediately to the northeast of Palmetto Dunes Resort and Hilton Head Resort (formally Four Seasons Resort). William Hilton Parkway bisects the neighborhood to the intersection of Folly Field Road and Mathews Drive. The initiative area of study then extends along the Broad Creek side of Mathews Drive and Marshland Road, terminating in the vicinity of Capitol Business Park. This project also takes into account the areas outside of the defined border of the Chaplin Initiative Area in order to coordinate land uses described by the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 1999.

Chaplin is a destination on Hilton Head Island. The most obvious and most important reasons are that it has the ocean, "the folly" tidal inlet, and frontage on the marshes of Broad Creek. This has driven change and development that otherwise would not have happened. As a consequence the development that has taken place and the pressure for continued development is more in the nature of tourism than development of a primarily residential neighborhood. This is reflected in the Plan and recommendations. The area has a high percentage of public land that can be used as an amenity to compliment private land. In addition to public land there are four different zoning classifications.

Recommendations & Implementation Strategies

1. Land Use Regulations

The Chaplin Initiative Area Plan proposes to shape land uses towards a mix of more efficient residential, commercial and tourism development patterns. Proposed land uses take advantage of the strategic location of Chaplin; served by major and minor arterial roads with land fronting along the Atlantic Ocean and uninterrupted views of the marshes of Broad Creek. The net effect is that this Plan confirms some existing development, such as public lands, while creating new zoning districts to allow ocean and marsh oriented development at an appropriate scale for Hilton Head Island.

2. Infrastructure Improvements

The Ward One Master Land Use Plan specifically designated the Chaplin Initiative Area for study of its infrastructure needs. Investments by the Town and private developers will be targeted for revitalization to enhance economic development opportunities while improving community character and facilitating safe, efficient traffic circulation. The Chaplin Initiative Area Plan takes into account the current public and private facilities and proposes to enhance current areas of concern to an acceptable level for Hilton Head Island. The plan calls for new circulation roads; roadway improvements; pathways; intersection improvements; pedestrian facilities at road crossings; and installation of sewer service. In addition, passive and active recreational parks are proposed on public lands.

3. The Chaplin/ Marshland/ Gardner Property Owners Association

Throughout the development of the Chaplin Initiative Area Plan, the Chaplin/ Marshland/ Gardner Property Owners Association (POA) provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and opened lines of communication between the Town staff and the Chaplin Initiative Area property owners and stakeholders. This effort by the POA proved vital to the development of this Plan. The Plan views the continued relationship between the POA and the Town of Hilton Head Island as an excellent vehicle to strengthen the ability of the neighborhood to communicate its needs for future public project improvements. Also, this Plan proposes to develop the POA/ Town relationship to mutually support the goals this Plan describes.

Please contact Shawn Colin, Deputy Director of Community Development email icon at (843) 341-4696 for more information.