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Fire & Rescue LogoHome Fire Safety Checklist

Address I.D.

  • Are address numbers clearly visible from the street?


  • Are exits clear and unobstructed?


  • Are all electrical outlets, switches and junction boxes properly covered with cover plates?
  • Are circuit breakers/fuses labeled so as to identify the area protected?
  • Is the area maintained clear at least 30" in front of electrical panel(s)?
  • Are there any exposed wires or wire splices not in junction boxes?

Extension Cords

  • Are extension cord(s) of heavy-duty construction, maintained in good condition, and only used as temporary wiring, or to service small portable appliances?
  • Are extension cord(s) grounded when serving grounded appliances?
  • Are extension cord(s) plugged directly into an approved receptacle, power tap or multi-plug adapter and, except for approved multi-plug extension cord(s), serve only 1 portable appliance?
  • Is the ampacity of the extension cord(s) greater than the rated capacity of the portable appliance supplied by the cord(s)?
  • If multiple items need to be plugged in, is a power tap utilized with a built-in circuit breaker and is the power tap plugged directly into a permanently installed receptacle?
  • Are extension cords tagged as being listed with a nationally recognized testing laboratory?

Fire Extinguishers, (for training please call 843-682-5145).

  • Are all fire extinguishers visible and accessible (not blocked)?
  • Are the fire extinguisher(s) properly mounted?


  • Is combustible rubbish removed from the building on a regular basis?
  • Are oily rags or similar materials stored in metal, metal-lined or other approved containers equipped with tight-fitting covers?
  • Are attic, closets and other storage areas kept neat and cleaned regularly?

Heat Producing Appliances

  • If portable electric heaters are used, do they have the code required tip-over and high temperature shutdown features?
  • If portable electric heaters are used, are they plugged directly into wall outlets and kept a minimum of 3' away from combustibles?

Smoke Detection

  • Is the smoke detector cleaned regularly?
  • Is the battery tested monthly?
  • Is the battery changed annually?

Storage of Combustibles

  • Is there safe clearance between ignition sources, such as light fixtures, heaters, and flame producing devices,
    Is combustible storage maintained in a safe manner?

Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids

  • Are flammable and combustible liquids stored in a well ventilated room away from sources of ignition?
  • Are approved containers used to store flammable and combustible liquids?

Vegetation (Combustible)

  • Is combustible vegetation removed so as to not create a fire hazard?