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Sewer Service Projects

Project Details
Status:   Ongoing   Ongoing Icon

Project Area Map

Map of Project Area

Project Description

Move forward with the 5 year plan as presented and the existing policy of sewer for those who want it. Continue partnership with the Hilton Head Public Service District; which shall continue to acquire easements through donations.

On February 5, 2016, Hilton Head Public Service District (PSD) announced the anticipated schedule of Master Sewer Plan sewer projects. These projects are necessary to complete the PSD's Master Sewer Plan to provide sewer access to all properties in the north- and mid-island parts of Hilton Head Island.

The Town of Hilton Head Island is funding $3.5 million for sewer mains on the streets listed below. The PSD will be funding $1 million for new sewer pump stations needed to facilitate the street projects.

Even after the mains are installed, homeowners connecting to the system will have sewer connection costs. Community Foundation of the Lowcountry plans to launch a capital campaign to raise money for sewer connection grants for low-to-moderate income homeowners. The PSD offers all customers long-term, low-interest financing of all sewer project costs.

The projects are broken down into a five-year plan. The PSD has initiated the surveying and engineering necessary to complete the projects. The first year’s schedule of projects is anticipated to be put out for construction bids this spring.

Some of the streets will receive gravity sewer service, while others will be served using low-pressure sewer service. Both types of systems are operated and maintained by the PSD. Placement in a particular year on the list does not prevent a street from receiving sewer service sooner, based on market or other factors.

Many of the roads being served require easements from property owners in order for the sewer mains to be installed.

The list displayed below in the projected schedule shows the streets for which the Town is funding sewer main installations by plan year.

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Additional Documents

Projected Project Schedule:  

Roads highlighted in green below indicate the collector sewer main has been installed*
(*note, this does not necessarily mean the system is ready for customer connection yet)

 Under Constuction 

Year 1

  • Nazarene Road
  • Sassafras Lane
  • Trinh Palace Way
  • Oakview Road
  • Spanish Wells Road (portion)
  • Sam Frazier Retreat
  • Freddie's Way
  • Rasta Drive
  • Dillon Road (portion)
  • Ferguson Lane
  • Kids Way
  • Ned Court
  • Rhiner Drive
  • Eagin Court
  • Katie Miller Road
  • Caesar Place

Year 2

  • Marshland Road (portion)
  • Allen Road
  • Mackerel Drive
  • Pinefield Road
  • Dianah Drive
  • William Way
  • Aiken Place
  • L&L Broadcasting Drive
  • Jessica Drive
  • Chisolm Drive

Year 3

  • Nina Drive
  • Cobia Court
  • Wright Place
  • Murray Avenue
  • Amelia Circle
  • Stingray Drive
  • Outlaw Road
  • Mustang Lane
  • Lawyer Place
  • Bligen Lane
  • Gumtree Road (portion)
  • Clifford Miller Drive
  • Duey Hill Drive
  • Orage Road
  • Darling Road
  • Adrianna Lane

Year 4

  • Thomas Cohen Drive
  • Spanish Wells Road (portion)
  • Fish Haul Road
  • Yucca Drive
  • Great Barracuda Lane
  • Tarpon Trail
  • Mitchellville Road Extension
  • Adell Lane
  • Horse Sugar Lane
  • Alice Perry Drive
  • Triggerfish Trail

Year 5

  • Marshland Road (portion)
  • Christopher Drive
  • Mingo Green
  • Pauline Manor
  • Matilda Drive

Project Engineer:  Low Country Engineering

Construction Contract Awarded To:  Jordan Construction

Funding Sources:  

Town of Hilton Head Island: $3.5 million for sewer mains on the streets listed in schedule.
HH PSD: $1 million for new sewer pump stations needed to facilitate the street projects.

Project Manager:  

Pete Nardi email icon, General Manager, Hilton Head PSD, 843-681-0525

Project Updates
  • 2/26/2018 - Sewer connections now available for scores of homes in Oakview, Marshland, Dillon areas; more on tap.
    Sewer connections are now available for more than 120 homes in the Oakview, Marshland, and Dillon roads areas, as a result of a recent Hilton Head Public Service District (PSD) and Town of Hilton Head Island sewer extension project. PSD customers on Oakview Road, Sam Frazier Retreat, Freddie’s Way, Rasta Drive, Sassafras Lane, Nazarene Road, Trinh Palace Way, Dianahs Drive, Chisolm Place, Ferguson Lane, Kids Way, and part of Dillon Road can now connect to sewer. Work also is continuing to provide sewer access on more Marshland Road side streets, including Allen and Pinefield roads, Jessica and Mackerel drives, William Way and Aiken Place, Wild Horse, Mitchellville, Fish Haul and Baygall areas. Read more...
  • 7/14/2017 - As part of the approved Fiscal Year 2018 Consolidated Municipal Budget, approximately $6 million dollars was included for the year 1 and 2 projects. Work is currently active within the Oakview Road area and along portions of Marshland Road.
  • 2/5/2016 - Press Release distributed by Hilton Head Public Service District announcing the schedule of Master Sewer Plan sewer projects.

Project Photos & Videos