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Planning, Development & Building ConstructionPlanning, Development and Building Construction

Permitting! Let's Get Started

There are two ways you may seek approvals or permits: Online or hard copy. For free online, 24 hour/7 day week access to permitting and related services via a computer, mobile tablet, or smart phone, visit our Online Services. This service also allows you to research various permits or history of a site. Otherwise, you may apply using Hardcopy Application Forms.

Planning, Development and Building Construction

In an effort to make our development processes as customer-friendly and accessible as possible, this explains it from beginning to end - from an initial idea to receiving your building's Certificate of Occupancy.

Step 1 - Conceptual Idea: See the Town's philosophy and efforts on improving its economy through business attraction and retention via new development or redevelopment, or our comprehensive planning efforts on the links above.

Step 2 - Research: For information necessary to examine the feasibility of your project, please review the crucial links in the side navigation on the right.

Step 3 - Site Development: Outlines how to move through the approval process as efficiently as possible, and its timing/relationship with review boards and building construction.

Step 4 - Review Board Approval: Identifies the various boards that might need to see your plans, and outlines the process for seeking their approval.

Step 5 - Building Construction and Inspections: Details your and the Town’s responsibilities, from plan review to achieving your Certificate of Occupancy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Questions? Please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at 843-341-4757.