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Town Council 2018 Key Priorities Dashboard

Please click on each priority or topic to view additional information and updates.

Key Priorities

Hurricane Recovery

Description:  The majority of clean up from the hurricane has been completed. The Town will evaluate what if any mitigation measures should be taken to reduce impacts from future storms. The Town continues to process invoices for recovery work from the storm. Ongoing coordination is needed to insure the Town receives all reimbursements from the federal and state levels for which is qualifies.

Proposed Action:  Continue clean up and reconciliation of financial commitments.
2/21/2018 - Debris removal is complete and Debris Management Sites have been restored. The Town continues to pursue reimbursement from FEMA and SCEMD.


Description:  Develop a comprehensive, long-range Vision for Hilton Head Island to 1) to protect and enhance our quality of life; 2) to coalesce the needs and desires of residents, visitors, and business owners; and 3) to create a vision statement and long range plan which defines the program of work.

Proposed Action:  Continue process.
2/20/2018 - Future iQ, the Town’s visioning consultant, presented the Community Engagement Report and Vision Report at the February 16, 2018 VPMT meeting. The reports are available online, and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in a survey to provide their feedback after reviewing the reports. The VPMT will meet again on March 16, 2018.

Venue Committee

Description:  Town staff and the Venue Committee are working with Webb Management to complete the review of a Community Arts Center for Hilton Head Island.

Proposed Action:  Recommendations are forthcoming.
2/21/218 - The Venue Committee is currently evaluating the report submitted by the consultant. The Venue Committee Plans to meet in early March and determine appropriate recommendations to forward to Town Council for consideration.


Description:  The Gullah-Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force is to identify and assist in the preservation of Gullah/Geechee culture for the purpose of detecting and resolving issues specific to this community, including, without limitation, heirs property and land use, economic and sustainability issues, and education of the community.

Proposed Action:  Consider recommendations from Gullah-Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force.
2/21/2018 - The Gullah-Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force has drafted their mission statement and scope of work. A set of four recommendations including a Town staff position to serve as a liaison to the Gullah community, a partnership with the Native Island Business & Community Affairs Association (NIBCAA) for education, investigation of possible Land Management Ordinance (LMO) changes to address concerns of the Gullah community, and investigation of options to resolve fairness in taxation have been adopted by the Task Force and will be presented to the Public Planning Committee on February 22, 2018 with a recommendation from the Task Force for approval by Town Council.

Workforce Development and Affordable Housing

Description:  Town Council has identified a need to develop a workforce availability strategy. This includes pursuit of affordable, workforce housing and transportation initiatives that will lead to expanded or enhanced workforce for the Island.

Proposed Action:  Consider recommendations from the Public Facilities and Public Planning Committee scheduled to be provided in February of 2018.
2/21/2018 - Town Council considered recommendations from the Public Planning Committee; and, through a workshop, developed preliminary policy direction for the affordable workforce housing initiative. Based on this initial policy direction, staff worked with the Public Planning Committee to develop an RFP to engage a consultant to develop an Affordable Workforce Housing Strategic Plan. Proposals are due back to the Town in early March with selection of a preferred consultant expected late March to early April. Finally, a panel discussion with experts from 5 communities that have affordable/workforce housing programs and initiatives will be held at a Public Planning Committee Workshop scheduled for Wednesday February 28th at 3:00pm at Town Hall.


Proposed Action: 

Bridge and Roads
Storm Water



Description:  With the best interests of the Island and region in mind, Town Council is committed to working with nearby municipalities and counties to achieve a high quality of life for residents.

Proposed Action:  In order to define the purpose and impact from pursuing a regionalism effort the Intergovernmental and Public Safety Committee will compile and review an entire list of areas for regional efforts and craft a strategy and series of tactics to enact that strategy.
2/16/2018 - The Intergovernmental Relations and Public Safety Committee invited Representative Jeff Bradley to its 2-5-2018 meeting to discuss legislative issues and various issues related to replacing the bridge to Hilton Head Island.