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Hilton Head Island Business Restoration Plan

The Town of Hilton Head Island seeks to provide the greatest amount of support possible to local businesses affected by COVID-19 itself and requirements to reduce the spread of the virus. Given statutory limitations, the Town can support local businesses by referring them to available resources, advocating for utility and rent relief, delaying or reducing local taxes and fees, and obtaining and efficiently distributing state and federal relief funds to qualified businesses.

Business Restoration Plan

  1. Business Assistance
    Leverage resources and partnerships to connect businesses with available resources.

    1. Town of Hilton Head Island Partners
      1. Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation
      2. HHI-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
      3. SCORE SC Lowcountry
      4. Native Island Business and Community Affairs Association (NIBCAA)
      5. University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB)
      6. Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce
      7. Others, as determined by the Town Manager

    2. Resource Guides
      Provide all available with contact information and links to applicable websites.
      1. Beaufort County EDC COVID-19 Handbook
      2. HHI-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Path Forward Readiness Plan (when available in late April/early May)
      3. Town of HHI Business Resources List

    3. Referral and Advisement Program
      Refer businesses to the HHI-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce and SCORE for assistance connecting businesses with appropriate programs and financial support.

    4. Legal Advice
      Refer businesses to local legal resources that are willing to provide pro bono legal assistance to navigate legal questions and concerns of potential negative economic impacts because of COVID-19.

  2. Business Advocate
    Advocate for local businesses to retain their access to utilities and physical spaces.
    1. Communicate with local utilities to encourage them to delay payment due dates and waive late fees.
    2. Communicate with property owners and managers to encourage them to delay rent collections, waive late fees, and defer evictions.

  3. Tax Relief
    Defer the collection of local business license fees and taxes.
    1. Delay the collection of Town business license fees, local taxes, and local hospitality taxes until June 20, 2020. (This is underway.)
    2. Waive penalties and late fees for business license renewals until June 20, 2020. (This is underway.)
    3. Consider collecting fees and taxes over time, in partial payments.

  4. Obtain and Distribute Federal and State Funds
    Ensure any currently available federal and state funds are distributed to businesses in need. Seek and apply for additional funds for local businesses.
    1. Partner with the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry to administer the distribution of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds designated for the emergency response to COVID-19.