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Toll Collections to End on Hilton Head Island's Cross Island Parkway June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) will stop collecting tolls on Hilton Head Island's Cross Island Parkway at 11:59:59 pm tonight, June 30, 2021.

At that time, the bonds issued to build the Cross Island Parkway will be paid off and tolls will be discontinued as required under state law.

Beginning July 1, 2021, signs will be in place advising motorists to use caution and slow down, but not to stop, as they travel through the toll plaza. In the coming months, a SCDOT contractor will remove the plaza.

Opened in 1998, the Cross Island Parkway is a 7.5 mile, limited access route that connects the William Hilton Parkway (Business US 278) at the north end of the Island with Palmetto Bay Road and the Sea Pines Circle at the south end of the island.

Motorists who use Palmetto Pass electronic devices (transponders) to pay their tolls electronically may return them either in person at the toll office to receive a refund of their current balance. The toll office is located at 4 Marshland Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926. Transponders may also be returned via mail at P.O. Box 5096, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938.

For additional information and answers to frequently asked questions about Palmetto Pass accounts, please visit the website,, or contact SCDOT's Customer Service Center at 855-GO-SCDOT (855-467-2368) toll free.

Cross Island Parkway Infrastructure Questions and Answers

Can the Town choose to continue collecting the toll if it wanted to do so?

No. South Carolina law mandatorily requires that a toll charge cease to be collected once the cost of construction and any associated financing charges have been repaid from the toll collections.

Will the toll booths be removed?

Yes. The toll booths will be removed. Work to remove them will get underway in early 2022.

What will happen to the Cross Island Parkway plaza office at 4 Marshland Lane? SCDOT is working with the Town to identify a continuing public use of the facility.

What will happen to the Cross Island Parkway as far as lane realignment?

The road in the vicinity of the toll plaza will be narrowed to match the roadway section north of the toll plaza.

What is the construction timeline for work? SCDOT is currently soliciting proposals for a design-build construction contract and intends to award a contract this winter. The design and permitting phase will take place over several months. Once design and permitting are complete, the construction will likely begin in the spring or summer of 2022.

Will there be more signage on the Cross Island to help with traffic?

On July 1, SCDOT crews will begin removing toll signs.  Signs will be updated and installed as part of the project.

Palmetto Pass Account Questions and Answers

How can I close my Palmetto Pass account?

You may close your account in person or by mail. You may return your device (transponder) in person at 4 Marshland Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 or by mail at P.O. Box 5096, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938.

When is the last day I can close my account?

October 15, 2021 will be the last day to close out your Palmetto Pass Account. Please plan to do so as soon as possible to avoid refund delays.

When will I receive my Palmetto Pass refund?

Refunds are based on whether or not you have a tag deposit and/or a positive prepaid balance on your account. Typically, refunds take between 2-4 weeks, and there may be some delays due to the number of accounts that need to be closed. So, the sooner you can close out your account, the better. You will be refunded by check if you don't have a credit/debit card placed on your account. You will be refunded by credit/debit card if you have a credit card placed on your account.

What do I do if I receive a violation notice?

Violations will be handled as they normally are. For valid Palmetto Pass account holders, violations will be paid through their accounts at the regular Palmetto Pass rate as long as the account has a positive balance. Violations for non-Palmetto Pass account holders must be paid by the violation notice due date to avoid further collections activities.

Can I keep my device (transponder) for use at the Greenville Southern Connector (GSC, I-185))?

The transponder device will no longer work at the GSC and you will need to open an account at If you have any issues opening an account with the Southern Connector, please contact them at 864-527-2143. Please close out your Palmetto Pass account as soon as possible and open a new account with GSC. We recommend you do so as soon as possible. Go to or call 843-342-6718 for more information.

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