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Parks + Recreation Master Plan

The Town of Hilton Head Island offers a great parks and recreation system that highlights the Island's culture and many beautiful environments, like the beach and marshes. But, there are opportunities to make this system better for the good of the Town and Island residents and visitors.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan was initiated in 2019 as a priority of Town Council with Our Plan.

  • This Master Plan is the starting point for the Town to begin the process of making the parks and recreation system best-in-class.
  • The Master Plan process has been divided into four parts.

Our Major Park Projects

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan recommends building a new community park on the Mid-Island Tract, and to make improvements at two of our older existing parks, Chaplin Community Park and Crossings Park.

This year, the Town will be developing conceptual plans for each of these major parks.

The Parks + Recreation Master Plan Story

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