Tips for Safe Bicycling

Biking is a great way to get around and keep healthy, but it's important to be safe.

The Town provides 64 miles of public pathways and nature trails for the enjoyment of pedestrians and cyclists.

Rules for the Road - Tips for Safe Bicycling

Remember, bikes have to follow the same signs and rules as cars.

  • Obey all traffic signals and pathway markings.
    • Stop signs must be obeyed for safety.
    • Cyclists must obey SC traffic laws.
  • Travel the pathways bearing in mind these are recreational pathways and not built for speed.
    • If there is a pathway available along a roadway, consider using the pathway.
  • When riding in the roadway, ride with traffic. It is the law.
  • Ride single file and keep a safe distance.
  • Keep to the right when passing oncoming pathway users
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Yield to Pedestrians. When stopped, please move off the pathway.

Watch out for Motorists!

In South Carolina, motorists must yield to pedestrians and bicyclists within marked crossings, but THEY MAY NOT SEE YOU!

Night-time Bicycle Requirements

Since most pathways are NOT illuminated, bicycles must have a red rear reflector and a headlight if biking at night and if you must ride at night please plan ahead and remember a flash light and wear appropriate clothing.


Pathway Safety

The Town is proud to be a gold-standard bike-friendly community and has always pushed initiatives to ensure our 64 miles of public pathways and nature trails are both a safe and easy way to navigate our island.

By following the bike safety tips and pathway safety regulations listed by Bob Bromage our Director of Public Safety, everyone can do their part to make sure our pathways are a great place for all to enjoy.

Hilton Head Island Biking Do and Don'ts

Unsafe Pathway Conditions?

Report any unsafe pathway conditions using our mobile application or contact our Facilities Management Office at 843-342-4580.

Report Unsafe Pathway Conditions

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