Law Enforcement on Hilton Head Island

If you have an emergency, dial 911.

The Town of Hilton Head Island does not have its own police force.

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office - Hilton Head Location (non-emergency)

We Already Pay!

So Why Do We Have to Pay More?

The Beaufort County Council recently passed an Ordinance to levy a Beaufort County Law Enforcement Service Charge and Uniform User Fee on the annual property tax bills of Hilton Head Island residents and business owners. This charge will generate $4.4 million more in revenue for Beaufort County on top of what Hilton Head Island property owners already pay for law enforcement services.

This is an unfair and inequitable fee that will be implemented and collected from Hilton Head Island residents if not stopped. No other municipality in Beaufort County will have this fee imposed upon their property owners.

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