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Outdoor Chiminea Safety

With our year-round, mostly pleasant temperatures, people are spending more time outside. At many parties, outdoor fireplaces and chimineas on the patio are a favorite. They can add ambiance as well as heat to a cool evening.

If you are considering some entertaining outdoors using a chiminea, consider these safety tips.

  • Always place your chiminea on a fireproof or fire-resistant surface such as cement, pavers, bricks, slate tiles, terracotta or any other fire-resistant surface. It should not be on a deck and your chiminea should be at least ten feet away from any structure or combustible surface.
  • When it comes to starting these fires, there are a few things to keep in mind.
    • Use kindling to create a small fire then slowly add larger wood to the flame.
    • Keep the fire small. The bigger the fire, the bigger the chance for disaster and do not touch your chiminea while it is being used.
    • You may even want to place a small wall around your chiminea to remind people that getting too close can be dangerous.
  • Before lighting, check the weather forecast.
    • Windy conditions can blow embers.
    • Also be aware of burn bans or ordinances in your town or county.
  • Clear the area around your chiminea — leaves or other dry materials can lead to a fire accidentally spreading.
  • Always have a water container nearby and a garden hose before starting the fire.
  • Never use an accelerant like gasoline as it can increase the chances of your clothes catching on fire or the fire spreading rapidly.
  • Some chimineas can stay hot for hours after the fire has died down. Make sure children are properly supervised and your guests are aware.

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