Short-Term Rental Visitor Center

We are excited to have you visiting our Town! We are proud of our Island community and hope you enjoy your stay.

Island life can be a bit different than what some of our visitors are used to, so we've outlined a few guidelines and resources to make sure your stay is the best it can be!

Be a Good Neighbor

Please be a Good Neighbor by leaving our beautiful island the same way you found it so others may enjoy it as well.


Please observe the Town of Hilton Head Island's Noise Ordinance by respecting quiet hours between 10 pm and 7 am.

It is unlawful to unreasonably disturb the peace. Town noise regulations are in force 24 hrs a day.


Please be sure all trash is neatly stored in designated trash storage containers.

  • Trash containers must be stored in designated storage area and not be seen from the street or neighboring property.

Please follow the trash pick-up schedule provided to you by the Owner of the short-term rental.

  • Please ensure trash containers are not placed curbside prior to 24 hours before pick- up and be removed from the curb within 24 hours after pick-up.


Please park only in the designated parking spots as provided by Owner of property.

There is to be no parking on grass, pine straw, or off-site on street.

Be a Good Neighbor Brochure

Code Enforcement and How To Be A Good Neighbor

Town of Hilton Head Island short-term rentals are required to follow specific ordinances. This includes regulations on noise, garbage, and parking. Failure to comply might result in receiving a citation and related fines.

Reporting Nuisance Issues

Guests are advised of the rules and that compliance will be strictly enforced.

Failure to comply may result in receiving a citation(s) and related fines.

General Rental Property Nuisance Complaints

Short-Term Rental Nuisance Management Hotline

* Complaints received online will be reviewed during normal business hours

View our Short-Term Rental Permit Dashboard

Additional Resources

Sea Turtles

Please do not disturb nesting areas.

  • Be sure to turn beachfront lights off after dark and only use a red beamed light when walking on the beach at night.
  • Please take down sandcastles and fill any holes.
  • Remove unattended beach items at night to prevent hatchlings from becoming entangled.

Learn more about Sea Turtle Protection


Always ride with traffic on the right side of the road and obey all traffic signs and signals.

Obey pedestrian signal alerts at crosswalks and use hand signals in advance of turns.

Learn more about Bicyling on Hilton Head Island

Animals on the Beach

Animal Beach Visiting Hours
October thru March Anytime On Leash or Under Voice Control
April thru the Thursday before Memorial Day 10 am - 5 pm On Leash
5 pm - 10 am On Leash or Under Voice Control
Friday before Memorial Day thru Labor Day 10 am - 5 pm Not Allowed on Beach
5 pm - 10 am On Leash or Under Voice Control
Tuesday after Labor Day thru September 10 am - 5 pm On Leash
5 pm - 10 am On Leash or Under Voice Control

Learn more about Animals on the Beach

Beach Regulations

Hilton Head Island's official beach season is April 1st through September 30th of each year.

View Our Beach Regulations

Reporting Nuisance Issues

Rental Property Nuisance Complaints

Report issues with parking, trash, or noise

  • Short-Term Rental Nuisance Management Hotline
  • 843-341-6864Available 24/7

Complaints received online will be reviewed during normal business hours

Submit a Complaint Online

Ask a Code Enforcement Question

Short-Term Rental Permit Dashboard