Beach Renourishment Project History

1990 Initial Restoration of Atlantic Shorefront

1997 First Renourishment of Atlantic Shorefront

  • Channel Relocation at Port Royal Plantation
  • Restoration of Port Royal Shoreline (south of Fish Haul Creek)
  • Construction of Terminal Groin at The Folly

1999 South Beach Emergency Beach Fill Project

2006 Second Renourishment of Atlantic Shorefront

  • Renourishment of Port Royal Plantation
  • Renourishment of South Beach
  • Restoration of Fish Haul/Spa
  • Construction of Six Detached Breakwaters at the Folly

2010 Lands End Groin Rehabilitation

2012 Restoration of the "The Heel" construction of Terminal Groin

2014 Interim Truck Haul Beach Fill at Ocean Point

2016 Third Renourishment of Atlantic Shorefront & Other Restored Areas

2017 South Island Emergency Renourishment Project

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