What will I need to Rebuild My House?

After a disaster, it is important that we build back and reestablish our community as soon as possible.

It may be impractical to rebuild in full compliance with the current regulations in the Land Management Ordinance (LMO). To accommodate this, the Town has established a procedure to build back exactly what you had prior to the storm with some conditions.

To expedite the plan review process, you can bring the following items to the Community Development Department staff for review:

  • Photographs of your Home (all sides)
    -- OR --
    2 copies of Building Elevations (all sides) to show the height
  • 2 copies of a Site Plan, showing all structures on the property in relationship to property lines
    -- OR --
    2 copies of an As-built survey of the property
  • If your home is located in one of the Neighborhood Character Overlay Districts, Folly Field, Forest Beach or Holiday Homes, verification of the gross floor area

* Photos of Property Layout (all sides) to show where any structure(s) sit on the property may be submitted for homes damaged less than 50% of the appraised value of the structure.

The information will be reviewed by Town staff and, if acceptable, the plans will be stamped for the purpose of emergency permitting. Plans are reviewed and stamped free of charge, and you may bring additional copies of plans.

All post-disaster construction shall comply with current building codes, and compliance with the flood ordinance will be required. Additional drawings and plans may be required post-disaster depending on the extent of damage to the home.

  • This is not applicable to mobile home placement.
  • The purpose of the documents is to verify what exists on the property and what is proposed to be rebuilt post-disaster.


Contact the Community Development Information Center at cdic@hiltonheadislandsc.gov or 843-341-4757