Street and Development Names

The Town regulates street and development names to ensure fast and accurate emergency responses and ensure that residents and visitors can easily locate their destinations.

Who reviews street and development name applications?

  • The Community Development Department and Fire Rescue staff review development name applications.
  • The Planning Commission reviews applications for new street names and re-naming streets based on staff's analysis and recommendation.

When are applications reviewed?

Staff accepts development name applications at any time.

View the Planning Commission meeting schedule and filing deadlines

What are the standards for street and development names?

What names can I use for streets and developments?

  • Since the Town's 911 system is coordinated with Beaufort County, new development and street names can't be the same as a name already in use or too similar to a name in use somewhere in Beaufort County.
  • Many tree, plant, bird, and animal names are already used.
  • Contact our E911 Communications Manager 843-682-5129 for assistance selecting an approvable name.

Street or Development Name Process

A Project Manager will be assigned to guide you through the entire process and be your point of contact for any questions.

Step 1. Submit Your Application

Download the application and submit it with all required materials and filing fee.

Development Name Application

Street Name Application

Filing Fees:

There are no fees for these permit applications.

Application Deadlines:

There are no deadlines to submit a Development or Street Name application.

Step 2. Staff Review

  • Confirm application is complete and request meets all criteria as required by the LMO.
  • Schedule the request on an upcoming Planning Commission agenda.
  • Prepare a staff report that includes comments received and a recommendation to the Planning Commission.
    Note: This is only a recommendation. The Planning Commission makes the final decision.

Your project manager will:

  • coordinate with you regarding your public hearing date and application status
  • notify the public of the public hearing via a newspaper ad and post a sign on the property
  • prepare a report listing staff's recommendations

Step 3. Notify the Public

You are required to mail a letter to all the property owners within 350 feet of the Variance property.

  • Your project manager will give you this list of people and a letter template to use

Step 4. Planning Commission Meeting

What can I expect at a Planning Commission Meeting?

  • The review of your application at the Public Hearing.
  • The Project Manager will present the application for the Commision's review.
  • You have the opportunity to answer questions that board members may have.

The Planning Commissioncan approve or deny an application request

  • If the new development name or modified name is approved, the Beaufort County Register of Deeds, emergency dispatch office, post office and any other interested agencies will be notified of any change.

View our Community Development Application Process Table


Contact the Community Development Information Center at or 843-341-4757